Signs of Online Blackjack Addiction

Post Summary: Even though our staff honestly loves to gamble online and inside casinos all over the world, there are certain times that we have to take a step back and catch our collective breaths. It’s not that the game becomes any less exciting or that we no longer wish to play, but any form of gambling is highly addictive and you have to learn how to respect it. This article will point out signs of online blackjack addiction and how to avoid allowing it to become a serious problem.

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The Turnaround

Every gambler has experienced this some point in their lives; they’re dominating at a blackjack table and everything is going their way. You’ll be hitting blackjacks left and right and it seems like the dealer busts every other hand, and then all of a sudden something changes. We can almost never tell what exactly happens in that dreadful moment but somehow everything turns around and the dealer becomes unbeatable. Hand after hand we end up being slightly edged out no matter what we try to do; in mere moments our hours of profit simply disappears.

Responsible betting is paramount in any type of gambling; and there’s no such thing as hurting the dealer’s feelings because you walk away with a big win. If the table turns ugly then just get up and walk away; even if it is only for fifteen or thirty minutes. Clear your head, catch your breath, and then start over from scratch.

The Greedy Gambler

Here’s another one that’s a definite sign of problem gambling addiction. Let’s say that your overall goal for the night inside a casino is to profit $1,000, but everything is going so well that you manage to hit that total in ten minutes. There’s a part of our brain that thinks, “Hey, if I can make $1,000 in ten minutes, I can clear $30,000 if I stay here for five hours.”

All responsible gamblers set limits for a reason, and if you’re not doing so then it needs to change immediately. If your goal is to, “gamble for a few hours or when I run out of money, whichever comes first,” then you’re walking into a casino with a serious loser’s mentality. Set limits and stick to them, no matter what else happens.

The Fearless Gambler

This one might be the biggest sign of gambling addiction and most of us are ashamed to admit that we’ve done it. You walk into a casino and the exact opposite of “the greedy gambler” happens; within just a few minutes the house hits a hot streak and takes every bit of your gambling allowance. Next thing you know, you’re at the ATN machine, borrowing money from friends, or reaching for a credit card.

For the love of all that is good in this world- stop it. If you walked into a casino with $100 gambling money and lost it in one hand, then get back in your car and leave. You just taught yourself a powerful lesson, but if you grab more money then you’ll be wagering with a type of desperation that almost ensures that you’ll lose even more. Tomorrow is another day…win your money back then.