BConnected Program Review

Bconnected is a casino loyalty program extremely popular with Las Vegas locals. This is the comp program for The Orleans and Gold Coast (both close to the strip), and for Freemont, California and Main Street Station located downtown. These casinos offer hotels that are quite inexpensive when compared to ones on the strip. The actual casinos have great laid-back atmospheres, loose slots, full pay video poker, low minimum bets at table games, solid drink service and so much more. If you want to experience Las Vegas as it once was, this is the rewards program to look at.

BConnected Las Vegas

The heart of the VIP program is comp points which are as good as cash at any Bconnected property. To earn comp points simply use your Bconnected Rewards Card anytime you’re gambling in of their casinos. Points are earned as follows:

  • Every dollar wagered in video poker and slot machines earns you one comp point.
  • At table games each $10 increment of average wager size will earn you about $1.50 in comps per hour. For example if a player plays for an hour and their average bet is $30 they will receive around 4500 points which is worth $4.50 in cash back. Table game comps vary depending on the bet sizes the pit boss witnesses during your play, the speed of the game and the type of table game you’ve chosen to play.

These are however only the base earnings. There are three levels to the Bconnected program; Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald. A player starts out at the Ruby tier, after earning 30,000 tier points they are upgraded to Sapphire and then at 250,000 points to Emerald. Tier point can accumulate faster than standard comp points, for example with slot machines players earn 2 tier points for every one comp point they are. The higher level VIP you are, the more comp points you earn.

  • Ruby VIPs earn the standard comp rate (as shared above)
  • Sapphire VIPs earn double the standard comp points
  • Emerald VIPs earn triple the standard comp points

How much are Comp Points Worth?

Comp points are worth $1.00 per 1000 points. This means depending on your VIP level you’re getting 0.1% to 0.3% cashback on your gaming turnover.

Spending Bconnected Comp Points

Depending which property you’re playing at the procedure to convert comp points to gambling cash might differ. At The Orleans and Gold Coast (both located a couple miles off the strip) as well as Suncoast (located in Summerlin) and Sam’s Town (on Boulder Highway Strip) you can convert points to gaming credits right at any Slot or Video Poker machine using their Fast Play feature. In their downtown casinos (Main Street Station, California and Fremont) players must go to the BConnected Player’s Center to receive a voucher that can be converted into cash at the cage.

Players can also choose to spend their comp points at Boyd Gaming owned restaurants which include buffets, cafes, fast food and several higher end restaurants. Players receive a 40% discount when spending their points at a Boyd Gaming owned restaurant. These restaurants are very competitively priced without the large mark-up Las Vegas strip properties charge. When using points this way the cash back rises from 0.1 to 0.3% to 0.167% to 0.5% depending on VIP level. Keep in mind, cash back has nothing to do with how much you win or lose, it is cash back on every wager you make period. There are additional benefits to the Bconnected program, but I have to cover their properties and then rant a bit first in order to give the program its proper due.

Boyd Gaming Casino

All Boyd Gaming owned casinos are integrated as part of the Bconnected program. While Boyd Gaming does not own any casinos on the Las Vegas Strip they do own two properties that are across I-15 from The Strip. These are Gold Coast and The Orleans. A shuttle is offered from both casinos to Las Vegas Blvd. Gold Coast is across the street from Rio making it a popular and inexpensive hotel option for players in the World Series of Poker. The Orleans has one of the largest off strip poker rooms in Las Vegas. Both casinos offer a large table game selection and reasonable payback on video poker. These are great budget strip alternatives.

However if you want to go old school Las Vegas, head downtown to Freemont Street Experience, the location of Binion’s and Golden Nugget. While Boyd doesn’t own either those properties they do own a property just as famous, Freemont Casino which is located right next to the two other legendary downtown casinos. Easy walking distances from these casinos are two additional Boyd Gaming properties, California Casino and Main Street Station.

There are also two local’s casinos located far from the Las Vegas Strip. Suncoast is located in Summerlin next to Rampart Casino and Sam’s Town is located on the Boulder Highway Strip. Suncoast is the highest end Boyd Gaming property and is a popular destination for off strip conventions. Sam’s Town is a local’s favorite which offers 20 times craps and full pay video poker such a 9/6 Jacks or Better and 10/7/5 Double Bonus. Many of the video poker machines at Sam’s Town still operate on coins as opposed to ticket in ticket out machines that most casinos in Las Vegas now use. Sam’s Town offers a shuttle to several Las Vegas Strip casinos.

If you’re a fan of Disneyland like resorts, stick to the strip. If you’re a gambler and want to be quietly treated as special but don’t care so much to have limos pick you up, and corporate execs at your beckoning call to wine and dine you and meet your every wish, Bconnected might be for you. The cash back rewards are simple, and more than fair. Their odds represent all Las Vegas was intended to be; make money very slowly while gamblers have a good time. At the strip it’s all about some guy in a suit figuring out what move might bleed more money from you, yes he makes you feel important, but that’s because he believes this is what will make the casinos the most money. At Boyd properties it is laid-back, sure want your comps here you go (they pay you in CASH, something you’ll never get on the strip). Want more, just ask. Loyal players have been given dozens of hotel stays each month, buffet coupons, sure no problem. Meanwhile at the strip these days you’ll find 6/5 blackjack, video poker odds that are a near crime, short pays on field bets at the craps table, and every other angle to get more money out of while they entice you with a new status to reach and do all the right things to help you feel you belong.

Now don’t get me wrong, I tell most of my friends, Harrah’s Total Rewards is right for them. However me myself once a several consecutive year Total Rewards Diamond holder, when I head to Las Vegas now most my own gambling is done either at The Orleans (no too far from the strip), or back where it all began in Downtown Las Vegas on Freemont Street Experience. I play at Bconnected properties quite a bit. Here I’m happy, feel no pressure, just relax and have a good time the same way Las Vegas was intended, with money I can afford to lose, and I rarely ever pay for a hotel stay, buffet or anything else. Enough though with my rant let me get back where I left off.

BConnected VIP Perks

I should start by mentioning if you’re a small time recreational gambler who won’t ever lose much, you’ll still be treated great at Bconnected casinos. Even at $5.00 blackjack you’ll get free drinks, if you can’t get a room, they might give you one at Freemont or California for $20 or $30 per night. Also all card holders, regardless of status, get a 10-20% discount at their gift shops, 10% discount on package liquor, and a $2 discount when paying cash for buffets. Even as just a Ruby tier member, the comps are decent enough.

As I mentioned earlier Ruby players and can play their way to Sapphire which earns them double comp points. What I didn’t mention is Sapphire players also receive special invitations to free tournaments and parties, line passes, priority seating at restaurants, and free hotel stays most often when they ask. A Sapphire can play their way to Emerald which gives them triple comp points, special parking privileges and priority access to the best complimentary room available when requested. The complimentary rooms are not written in as part of the program, but for the most part in addition to the special hotel offers sent to them each month, VIPs simply need to contact the host of their Boyd Gaming property of choice to request a room; these requests are rarely declined. Higher tier players will also receive monthly offers that include free hotel “packages” meaning they come with food credits, free slot play and perhaps other perks.

BConnected Rewards Program Conclusion

BConnected is a great option for players that are tired of being treated poorly by the large Las Vegas Strip casino companies. The video poker and slot paybacks are much higher, table game rules are looser, hotel comps are very liberal and the service given to mid range players is much better. On your next Las Vegas trip consider creating a relationship with Boyd Gaming and their BConnected Player’s Club. One high rolling trip will bring comp offers for years to come.