How to Wager and Win

Most of the blackjack strategy articles around the Internet seem to key on counting cards, doubling down, or placing side bets, but few of them ever seem to get around to talking about money. That seems kind of silly since you have about a 48.5% chance of winning any single hand, which means that most of your time at the blackjack table is spent passing money back and forth with the dealer. The key is how to actually wager on each hand; here’s now to bet and win at Casino Titan playing online blackjack.

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Start with a Goal

For this article we’re going to assume a couple of things; you understand how to play a basic strategy, you’ve researched the rules of the type of blackjack you’re playing, and you know that side bets are definitely not the way to go. If we’ve said anything so far that confuses you, check out other articles on our site so you can get up to speed.

Okay, let’s start with some simple math, and we’re not talking about card counting either. The first thing any online gambler should do is set an overall goal for the night, and it needs to be a number that is realistic. Do not expect to deposit $20 and walk away with $7,000; stuff like that only happens in the movies or with highly skilled professionals. A good starting goal is usually about ten times your initial deposit.

Do a Little Math

Let’s say that your overall goal while playing online blackjack is $1,000, but you only have $100 to start with. That means that you’ll have to win forty $25 hands in order to be able to walk away with that grand in your pocket, or it could happen with ten $100 wagers. You’re nowhere near ready to play for $100 per hand though, so start at $15-20 per round and try to build a little capital.

In this situation, your first goal is not $1,000; it’s to win two hands and double your wager on each round. Instead of betting $50 up front and hoping to get lucky, stick to modest sums and gradually increase your wagers with the casino’s money.

Building Strength

Once you’re built a little bit of a chip stack, you should eventually be moving into the $50-75 per round phase. If it doesn’t happen right away then be sure to stick to your initial limits, but the key to online blackjack is playing aggressively with the house’s money and sticking to your original goal. Do not be intimidated with $100 wagers when you’re up $300; it’s the only way to truly beat the house.

Remember, the dealer is going to give you the exact same cards regardless of whether you wager $5 or $1,000; the only difference is your confidence levels. If the house has an overall edge of about 1.5% at any given time, that means the only possible way for you to win is to make the winning hands count while minimizing your losses on the losing hands. Professional blackjack players are simply betting each round to get them to that point where they can begin the big-money betting streak; they don’t just bet $1,000 per hand and hope for the best. If you want to make serious money at Rushmore Online or any cyber-casino, then do not be afraid to bet like a true champion.