Visa, MasterCard, Maestro Card Online Blackjack

Post Summary: Despite attempts by U.S. lawmakers to limit financial transactions with online casinos, the majority of Blackjack sites still accept Visa, MasterCard and Maestro for account deposits.

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One of the easiest and fastest ways for Blackjack players to make deposits into online casino accounts is to use a credit card. Many Blackjack sites are able to process deposits made with MasterCard and Visa or the Maestro debit card almost immediately. That means Blackjack betting can begin within minutes of sign up. Also, the same safeguards that apply to retail shopping with credit cards apply equally to making online deposits, which includes limited liability in case of fraudulent use.

One recent problem, however, has been the U.S. government’s enforcement of the provisions of the Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of October 2006. The law prohibits “gambling businesses from knowingly accepting payments in connection with the participation of another person in a bet or wager that involves the use of the Internet and that is unlawful under any federal or state law.” This includes credit cards as well as electronic fund transfers and paper checks.

Reacting to this law, many Blackjack sites and credit card companies have tightened up their deposit policies for plastic. Visa and MasterCard, in particular, assign special “online gambling” merchant codes to casinos based on the Internet. This electronic signature accompanies every credit card transaction that is made, and most U.S. banks and financial institutions automatically reject any authorization request bearing this code.

By contrast, Maestro branded debit cards, including those formerly known as “Switch,” are issued primarily in the United Kingdom. Although part of MasterCard Worldwide, they are not subject to the UIGEA restrictions. For use at online Blackjack sites, the only requirement is that the card holder must obtain a SecureCode personal identification number from the issuing authority prior to initiating any deposits.

Although American players may encounter some difficulty in using Visa or MasterCard at Blackjack sites, most European players should have no problem in making credit card payments into casinos accounts. U.K.-facing gaming web sites, in particular, welcome Visa, MasterCard and Maestro for deposits. They include bet365 Casino, Party Casino, EuroGrand,, ME Casino, Sky Vegas and BetFred Casino, just to name some of the larger and most popular ones.

Another web site that takes all three brands for deposits and is all about Blackjack is Blackjack Club, based in the Netherlands Antilles and owned by Gambling Federation. The club does not, however, allow sign-ups by American resident. Two other Blackjack-focused web sites that do not accept U.S.-based players or Maestro, but welcome both Visa and MasterCard, are the Blackjack Ballroom and

One example of a major U.S.-facing online casino that still welcomes credit cards in 2012 is Casino Titan, owned by RegalBar Ltd. of the U.K. and licensed out of the Netherlands Antilles. The gaming site accepts MasterCard and Visa, but not Maestro. Deposits are available immediately, subject to limits of $21 minimum and $1,000 maximum.

Another of the world’s top-rated U.S.-friendly venues for online Blackjack, Bodog, accepts credit cards as a method of deposit, including any Visa or MasterCard branded gift cards or check/debit cards. However, the operators have posted a notice that customers must “ensure the card is eligible for international purchases, as U.S./domestic-only cards will not work.”

Keith from Staff Gives His Take

Here’s a question for you- What are the top three things that every gambler should look for inside an online blackjack casino? I’ll give you a hint; the actual blackjack play probably ranks fifth or sixth because there are several much more important things for you to focus on. Still not sure? Okay, one more clue…these three things are designed to keep you safe (and no, it’s not the Ozone layer…why would you even think of something like that?).

If you’re still not sure where this article is headed, then it’s probably time for us to throw out a couple of statistics for you.

  • Over 300,000 victims last year reported that they assumed the website they were visiting was safe when they had money stolen
  • Over 71% of all Credit/Prepaid Debit Card stolen online were at fraudulent websites
  • Over 89% of online casino deposit bonuses are actually scams
  • Over 26% of all internet crimes involve some type of website fraud
  • Over 1,000 blackjack casinos in cyberspace are not regulated by a gaming authority
  • Over 87% of all internet criminals/hackers never get caught
  • Over 98% of online casino offer unfair odds and slow payouts
  • Over $290,000,000 was reported stolen last year in cyberspace
  • Over 72% of the internet’s fraud occurs at retail auctions, download sites, and casinos

Hopefully our handy little scare tactics made you realize how much of a gamble you are taking when picking an online casino at random, so we will ask our question once again- What are the top three things that every gambler should look for inside an online blackjack casino?

1) Licensed by a Reputable Gaming Authority

Your first step in finding a great online blackjack casino is to make sure that it is reputable. That starts with the gaming authority that certifies them, so be sure to read all those fancy little boxes along the bottom of each casino page to see what they actually link to. For example, Casino Titan, one of the web’s best blackjack casinos, is regulated by the Netherlands government so you know it’s legit.

2) Accepts Credit/Prepaid Debit Card Deposits

There are dozens of ways to make an online deposit in today’s society but only one of them automatically protects you no matter where you shop online; that’s credit and debit cards that have the VISA/MasterCard/Maestro logo. Banks can take weeks to investigate and 3rd party sites do not protect you at all, so credit card transactions at blackjack casinos like WinPalace are certainly your safest bet.

3) Real Time Security

After the list of statistics that you just read, we’re guessing that online security is suddenly a big deal to you. That’s why you should keep your own computer system updated with the latest patches whenever possible, but that still does not keep you completely safe if the website you are visiting is lax on their procedures. Blackjack casinos like Casino Titan, WinPalace, and Rushmore Online are consistently rated as the top security professionals within the gaming industry, which is why we never hesitate to recommend those names to you.