How To Play Double Attack Blackjack

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all in the world of blackjack, a new variation comes along that adds so many twists and turns, we have no idea what to really think about it. Of course, we are talking about Double Attack Blackjack and the near endless amount of possibilities it brings to gamblers; here’s what you need to know-

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Double Attack Blackjack Basics

Since we have to start somewhere, we might as well lay out the rules of the game. Double Attack 21 is played with a 48 card deck, so if you’re going to practice at home then be sure to pull out all of the tens (but leave the jacks, queens, and kings). This game follows traditional blackjack rules except for the changes listed below-

A round starts after each player bets, then the dealer will turn his first card face up. At this point, players have the opportunity to double their bet before even seeing their own cards (players can also bet partial raises at this point as well).

  • Once each player completes their bets, everyone receives two cards like in normal blackjack (the dealer’s 2nd card is face-down).
  • Players wishing to double down or split any hand must match their total wager up to that point.
  • All pairs can be split up to 4 times per round (except for aces, they can be split once).
  • Split aces receive one card only, all other hands can hit after splitting.
  • Blackjack pays 1:1 and Insurance is available that pays 5:2.
  • Players are free to surrender at any time to receive back one half of their total wager.

As you can see from the above rules, quite a bit of strategy goes into deciding whether or not to raise your wager before seeing your cards. Statistically, players have an overall advantage when the dealer starts with a two through eight; these hands should generally be raised.

If you feel uncomfortable with playing at double your original wager, however, then simply cut your original wager in half each round. That way, if the dealer starts with a 9, 10, or an ace, you’re only risking half the normal amount. If the hand is favorable, then double up for your full normal bet.

Double Attack Blackjack Side Bet

Double Attack 21 also has an interesting side bet tied into the game, it’s called Bust It and it focuses solely on the dealer’s hand. If the dealer busts with exactly three cards, the bonus wager is paid as follows-

Dealer HandPayoutDealer busts w/ suited 888200 to 1Dealer busts w/ colored 88850 to 1Dealer busts w/ a 615 to 1Dealer busts w/ a 710 to 1Dealer busts w/an 88 to 1Dealer busts w/ a 96 to 1Dealer busts w/ J, Q, or K3 to 1

Although the Double Attack side bet carries overall house odds of around 8%, all experienced blackjack players should remember that sometimes the dealer sometimes will bust several hands in a row and sometimes he doesn’t bust for fifteen minutes. This is one of those bets that we can see going either way; either bet it every time or do not bet it at all.

Double Attack Blackjack Strategy

Most of the strategy in Double Attack may appear to take place before the player receives his cards, but no not allow yourself to be suckered into thinking that you’re financially invested in any hand that turns sour. The surrender bet is a great tool and it should be used whenever necessary.

Likewise, follow your standard blackjack charts for doubling and splits; do not pass on these opportunities because you’ve already raised your initial bet once. Double Attack 21 is all about maximizing the strong hands and minimizing the weaker ones, so it can often get very expensive in certain situations. If you’re not willing to risk $800 or more in an individual round, then do not start out playing at $100 per hand…it is that simple. Instead, start at $25 knowing that you can easily work a strong hand up to the $100 mark if all goes well.