How to Install Casino Titan Software –

Welcome to our end-to-end guide to installing the Casino Titan software on your computer system. We’ve installed it on a standard PC system, and the installation process was surprisingly easy. We documented the steps for our readers however, for sake of greater transparency.

Step One: Click a Link to CasinoTitan

You have a few options to achieve this step. You can either click on our link (as per the screenshot below), or navigate to your URL bar and type in the casino’s name. There is no difference if you want to go direct, although Casino Titan won’t notice that we’re the ones that recommended them. We like getting credit for our referrals, but you’re free to navigate how you wish.

Step Two: Click Download Button

Once on the CasinoTitan website, you will see a big download button. This will initiate installation of the casino software pack, and is entirely free. You will still be able to play casino games such as roulette, slots and poker for free. Real Money gaming is not mandatory, although you will have the ability to make deposits if you choose.

Step Three: Launch Executable

This is fairly explanatory – When you click the previous button, a transfer will initiate and create the *.exe. You need to click on the application for it to launch the installation process.

Step Four : Agree to User Agreement

You must agree to their User Agreement to proceed with your download. The main points you need to confirm are that you are over 18 years of age to play, not physically located in a jurisdiction that has laws against gambling, and that you don’t have malicious intent to utilize this software.

Step Five : Click Finish and Launch Application

When the installation has completed, you will simply need to click the “finish” button, and launch the new app that will be located in your programs tray, if you hover over the bottom-left Microsoft icon of your desktop display.