Online Blackjack Myths

Our staff has worked in this industry for so long that we often think that we have heard every possible myth or story out there about why you shouldn’t be playing at online casinos. The part that we simply fail to remember is that most of these tales comes from the traditional casino industry since they do not want to see their profits vanish into cyberspace, and these guys have quite an imagination when it comes to making stuff up. Here are a few of our favorite online blackjack myths of all-time

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Online Casinos Rig Blackjack

We’ve all heard this one at some point- Online casinos rig their software to let new player accounts win some money at first. Once the new guy gains a little bit of confidence and starts wagering at higher limits, an employee on the other side of the world flips a switch and forces you to play against the “rigged deck” where the dealer always gets 20 or 21.

In traditional casinos and online establishments alike, the decks/shuffles are checked regularly to make sure that they are completely random with the proper cards in play. The difference here is that online casinos like Rushmore Online are checked randomly all the time by gaming authorities where brick and mortar gaming establishments can see a licensed inspector walking in the door. You are much more likely to face a rigged deck in Vegas or Atlantic City than you are at a reputable online casino.

The Cyber-Dealer Cheats at Will

Another version says that online casinos can generate any card that they want to for the dealer, making it easy for the house to cheat. For example, if you get blackjack then the dealer gives himself blackjack, or if you have 19 then the dealer will always have 20. No matter what you do, the house will always slightly edge you out is some unbelievable manner.

The truth of the matter is that anyone who has gambled extensively in knows that all decks can run hot and cold. For example, I personally lost 14 hands in a row the other weekend at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, but I didn’t see any news reports saying that it was some kind of elaborate conspiracy or some major cheating scandal. We will point out; however, it would be much easier for a dealer to cheat than a software program that is designed to be completely random.

Online Casinos are not Fun

This is probably our favorite only because it is so darn stupid it makes us laugh. One of the newest rumors about online blackjack is that players can not have any fun gambling in cyberspace because the domain owners do not care about their players. After all, big gambling towns have famous performers, free alcohol, cheap food, and all kinds of other perks for their gamblers.

If you go to casinos for the free food and drinks, then that is a nice bonus for you. Real gamblers, however, frequent casinos to win money; they could care less about all of the perks designed to make you forget that you’re inside a gambling establishment. That’s one of the oldest tricks in the book, which is why brick and mortar casinos do not place any clocks inside. Obviously, online casinos do not pull these types of tactics.