Using Strategy Charts to Play Online Blackjack For Money

Throughout the ages, players have claimed to utilize all sorts of blackjack strategies, everything from multifarious card counting systems to a sixth sense level of intuition. In today’s modern society, the most commonly exploited device is a simple card or sheet of laminated paper depicting a blackjack strategy chart.

One might hastily question whether a blackjack chart is more powerful than a card counting system, and the truth of the matter is that they work best in conjunction. However, there is one key element of the game that has put strategy charts at the highest rank on the totem pole, all-but eliminating the need to count cards altogether. That singular element is that the most common form of blackjack to date is played over the internet.

When you play online blackjack for money, the electronic dealers do not play out the entire deck or shoe, as is still common in a brick and mortar casino. When the cards are reshuffled with each passing hand, or every two to three hands at most, counting cards becomes an otiose, hopelessly tedious undertaking.

Unless a player has genuinely keen psychic abilities, the blackjack chart is the utmost stratagem available in online blackjack. This single chart will depict exactly how a player should act in any and all possible situations to deliver the highest probable odds of either profiting the most from a hand, or losing the least amount feasible.

There are two common problems with utilizing a chart to play online blackjack for money. One deals with the human side of the game, and the other with more technical aspects, but both can be easily overcome with the right attitude and due diligence.

The first issue deals with the rules of the game and whether the blackjack strategy chart coheres to them accurately. In years past, the rules of blackjack were clear cut. As the decades wore on, casinos began altering the rules to suit their own purpose; increasing the house edge. There are so many different variations now, and many of them still go by the standard name of Blackjack despite the conflicting procedures.

One example would be something as simple as whether the dealer is forced to hit a soft 17. Another example would be the player’s option of Early Surrender, Late Surrender, or no surrender at all. There is a sundry of miniscule variations to be taken into account when selecting a strategy chart to play online blackjack for money.

Fortunately, online blackjack strategy guides have considered this fact and many of them will allow the player to use a menu to input all possible rule variations, producing a chart that specifically conforms to the structure of a game. Making use of such calculated materials is a must.

The second issue, and the hardest to oppress, is boredom. Blackjack strategy charts tell a player exactly what to do and when to do it, taking over any and all intuitive aspects of the game. It’s like always betting on the pony with the highest odds of winning, instead of taking the longshot and hoping for the big win.

Then again, blackjack does not multiply the profits for being a daredevil, so in reality, it’s not worth traversing the unbeaten path. Anyone who wants to win playing online blackjack for money should realize this and stick to the chart with an unwavering air.