Casino Payout Percentages

It can be difficult to work out which casinos offer the best payout percentages. Each gaming brand, no matter how good its reputation, is going to advertise itself as offering you the best returns, bonuses, and other features. That’s just good advertising. All businesses want to present themselves in the most favorable light. Also, even when a United Kingdom casino website isn’t using advertising to make itself look better, that site’s affiliates are chomping at the bit to convince you to do business with that operator. They make money by driving traffic to their affiliate program.

Sifting through the existing data and numbers to come up with a factual conclusion requires some work on your part. A gambler could spend time and money playing fruit machines at each and every online casino to gather his own data, but that would mean joining, funding, and playing games at dozens of UK casinos. This represents more money and time than most online gamers have to determine the best possible percentages.

United Kingdom Online Casinos – Payout Percentages

The good news is there is an easier way to make sure you’re playing the most profitable slots and other online games. There are independent sources of this kind of information, though no single source is authoritative. Any list of British casinos and payback percentages is incomplete in and of itself; you can’t trust any single list for this data. Instead, take a look at this collection of casino game payback information gathered from multiple independent sources. This is the most credible list of UK casino websites and their payout percentages that you’ll find without doing all of the legwork on your own.

Putting this list together means creating a cross-section of online gaming sites which accept UK players and cater to the specific payment methods and currency preferences of English gamblers. All of the most popular UK gambling sites have been considered, alongside more obscure gaming options. That way, the list includes both well-known and lesser-known UK online gambling sites, so that no matter where you like to play, you’ll understand the percentages offered.

Best Payout Percentages

  • 32Red Casino – 99.08
  • 7 Sultans Casino – 99.08
  • Titan Casino – 99.00
  • Royal Vegas Casino – 98.66
  • Casino 770 – 98.30
  • Eurogrand Casino – 97.99
  • William Hill Casino – 97.66
  • Ladbrokes Casino – 97.48
  • 888 Poker Casino – 97.11
  • Intercasino – 97.10
  • Captain Cooks Casino – 97.06
  • Everest Casino – 96.70
  • Vegas Palms Casino – 96.88
  • Crazy Vegas Casino – 96.77
  • Las Vegas USA Casino – 95.60
  • King Neptunes Casino – 95.58
  • Lucky Emporer Casino – 94.50
  • Sun Vegas Casino – 92.46

When you look over this list, remember that these sorts of statistics are taken from one-month surveys of Internet casino sites, and do not represent percentages for the life of the site. The studies utilized were focused on the payback available from a variety of United Kingdom online sites, and it is best to take these numbers with a grain of salt. Remember, too, that many of these specific numbers come from as long as 18 months ago, so you can assume that newer online gambling rooms (such as Everest Casino) have probably altered their numbers once operating costs stabilized and they started to understand their profit margins and how customers reacted to the paybacks on offer.

Just from looking at the above list, it is obvious why slot gamblers and other casino players prefer some online sites to others. No amount of well-designed software, fancy graphics, or gigantic bonus offers will keep a slot gambler from choosing to do business with a casino that doesn’t offer good payback. Obviously, the more a player wins and the more money they make, the more fun they have playing online games and the more likely they will be to continue doing business with that site. For example, Titan has a larger client base than 7 Sultans, so either the 0.08% payout advantage didn’t pan out for most 7 Sultans players or the one-month study of percentages available was not accurate.

Casino 770 Inclusion

A final note on the specific figures mentioned above: you should trust the available data for Casino 770 more than any of the other sites studied for this list. That’s because Casino 770 does their own research and publicly posts their game’s payout percentage right on the website, along with certificates from independent auditors as well as links to the casino watchdog sites they support. Had Casino 770 posted inaccurate information, the online casino gaming population would be talking about it as loudly as possible. Since the watchdog sites agree with Casino 770’s numbers, you can trust that information more than the numbers posted for their competitors. Since Casino 770 ranks in the top 5 of our payback list, their honesty is doubly impressive.

But remember that these numbers aren’t necessarily from recent sources. Casino 770’s payout percentage figures come from 2011. Still, since the numbers come from Casino 770 and have been verified by an independent third party, they are by far the most transparent online gaming site on the list. Casino 770 posts payout stats which are independently tested by iTech Labs, and the site carries a seal of approval from AdIctel, Fair Players, and Gambleaware. It should be mentioned, also, that figures from 2011 are more recent than those found at most of the other sites on the list, so you can trust that percentage more than just about every other casino mentioned.

Casino Payback Percentages 2012

A final note: the list above represents the casinos that offer the best odds for machine gamblers at UK casino sites in 2010 and 2011. Do not assume that the sites in the top 5 or top 10 are necessarily the best places to enjoy online gaming in 2012. Internet casino providers tweak their business model from time to time, and since many customers change allegiances regularly, any list of the best percentage offers is going to change from one month to the next.

Don’t forget that those numbers aren’t the only consideration when choosing an online gambling site, either. Consider everything from the look and feel of a site to its VIP rewards and other incentives when looking for a home for your online gaming entertainment.