Perfect Pairs Blackjack For Money

We have received a large amount of emails lately asking about the Perfect Pairs side bet in blackjack and questions about whether or not it is a worthwhile casino wager to place. Honestly, the majority of our staff does not like Perfect Pairs wager because it ultimately increases the overall house advantage. Then again, when it does hit often the wager can completely change an average night into a highly profitable one. Here’s a quick FAQ on Perfect Pairs Blackjack for your viewing pleasure-

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What is Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Perfect Pairs Blackjack is identical to traditional blackjack except for the extra side bet named “perfect pairs.” This wager means that you expect your next two starting cards to be a pair. The payout odds do vary by region but here’s what you’ll find in most Vegas casinos-

– A Perfect Pair (any two cards that match in value and suit) pays 30 to 1
– A Colored Pair (any two cards that match in value and color) pays 10 to 1
– A Mixed Pair (any two cards that match in value) pays five to one

That means if you start out with two cards that are both the 8 of clubs, you collect 30:1 odds on the perfect pair side bet. If your two starting cards were the 8 of clubs and the 8 of spades, you’d receive a 10:1 payout. An 8 of hearts and an 8 of clubs would pay 5:1.

It is important to note, however, that the Perfect Pairs payout only applies to your first two cards. If you were dealt the eight of spades and the two of clubs, for example, and then received another eight of clubs after taking a hit, it does not pay anything.

What is the betting requirement for Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

This also varies between casinos, but in most establishments you are allowed to bet the Perfect Pairs side bet up to the table maximum; even if your normal bet is for less.

Why do people play Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

If you’re already an avid blackjack player, think about how many opportunities you receive to split cards throughout the night. If you think that a pair will show up once every five hands, then this bet will easily make you a tremendous profit. The actual odds of receiving a pair on the deal is around one in ten, however, which is why we do not particularly like this wager.

What’s the best strategy for playing Perfect Pairs Blackjack?

Well, if you bet Perfect Pairs at a 1:1 ratio with your normal bet, then each of your winning hands end up actually breaking even while you lose double your standard bet on losing hands. Sure, when the perfect pair wagers do hit then you’re raking in a nice little pile of chips, but experience tells us that those opportunities will end up being few and far between.

If you insist on placing this side bet, we would recommend keeping it to a minimal amount- a $5-10 side bet to give you an extra out to root for probably will not break you in the long run. If you happen to get on a pair streak then you’ll still make a profit as well, without risking the shirt on your back to do it.