Most Profitable Blackjack Sites

If you’re looking for some of the best online blackjack websites around to make a profit at, then we are certainly glad that you stopped by and visited us out of the billions of other websites out there in cyberspace. Not only does our staff of professional blackjack players know the online gaming industry like the back of their hand, but we also have some of the most exclusive hook-ups with some of the biggest-named casinos out there (like at Casino Titan, and WinPalace!).

Recommended Online Casinos 2012

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All you have to do is click on the enclosed links to receive the same top-tier VIP bonuses that our professionals have earned over the years; that is only the beginning of the ways that we will teach you to make solid profit from online blackjack. Here are a few more pointers to fatten up your wallet-

1) Stick to Blackjack Variations You Know

The last time we checked, there are over 140 variations of blackjack being played around the world. Some of those games have house odds very comparable to standard blackjack but there are also many that give the house a 10%, 20%, or even up to a 44% advantage. As a rule of thumb, if you do not know the proper strategy for the blackjack game variation that you see on an online website, do not play it for real money.

2) Stay within Your Limits

Every veteran gambler seems to have a story about winning a small fortune from an online casino and then turning around and giving every penny of it right back. Now, a lot of the time they’ll try to blame it on the things around them; a spouse, the barking neighbor’s dog, their internet connection, or the phone ringing, but each of those excuses are completely worthless. It is up to you to know when to walk away; that’s the first step in becoming a professional.

3) Use Cheat Sheets

Online blackjack has one big, huge, massive advantage: there is nobody standing over your shoulder to make sure that you are not counting cards. If you play at an online casino that uses a standard six deck shoe, then you should be taking your time and writing down every darn card that is played throughout the course of your time there. Not only can you gain up to a 3% advantage by counting cards like the professionals do, but you’ll also know when to start laying down those gigantic wagers to rake in the real profits.

4) Watch the Clock

Online casinos have peak hours and slow times, just like in Las Vegas or Atlantic City. Your job is to get online and wager during the casino’s busiest hours, which is usually between 6-10 PM Eastern Standard Time. The reason for this is twofold; first it masks that you’re counting cards and pulling in massive profits. Second, you should be gambling only when you are the most relaxed and calm, which is usually a few hours before you go to sleep every night.

5) Take the Perks

One last piece of advice is to remember to ask for loyalty comps frequently and use them whenever they are available. High rollers often get exclusive bonuses that other players can not qualify for, but you can do even better yet by calling the online blackjack casino directly and asking them why you should remain there. Do not be afraid to pick up the phone; it can sometimes end up being your best friend when it comes to online gambling.