Revamps Design announced a highly successful launch just last month and has already undergone a number of additions to its choice content. The real money poker guide is now proud to introduce more premium article additions, as well as a whole new site design that symbolizes the excellence and authority of the content.

The approach of a new year can mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. For poker players, it often signifies a time for introspection, renewed edification and a whole new year of profitable opportunities. For online poker guides, it is a time for worthwhile embellishment and renovation.

The team at RealMoneyPoker took on this very task, but not for the purpose of ringing in the new year with its devoted readers. Taking a look at the consistent progress of the web site, it is clear that RealMoneyPoker has been adding new content to its website at an incredible pace since its official launch back in November. According to the lead engineer of the site, the new site design “symbolizes the excellence and authority of the content”.

The online poker guide has appended a series of premium articles to further amplify the educational aspect for its fast growing population of readers. These range from a plethora of poker news and community resources to a diversified inventory of poker training sites that outlines the dominant strengths and weaknesses of each.

The site explains the importance of taking any and all opportunities to claim an edge over an opponent, as this can be the difference between failure and success in a poker game. Readers can learn how to be an informed poker player and stay on top of the poker world by keeping up to date on the latest poker news, forums, communities and blogs, as well as organizing and managing this information.

Understanding the game of poker isn’t always enough to overcome a myriad of versatile player types. Sometimes it’s the little things that give a player more delicate insight, including an appreciation for uncommon poker lingo. One of realmoneypoker latest additions reveals a complete library of terminology that many players are less familiar with.

The website describes a failure to control one’s emotions as one of the fastest ways to get eliminated from a poker game. A few repetitive losses can send a player into a downward spiral fueled by fear and emotional instability. The online poker guide elucidates the value of facing fear in poker, and shines light upon how players can gain experience in emotional control with minimal risk.

Statistics show that most serious poker players will experiment with the merit of poker training sites. Unfortunately, with so many different training programs available, the majority of players will either give up after wasting their money on one or two unconstructive sites, or decide against their use altogether simply because they don’t know which one to subscribe to. now presents a complete review of the strengths and weaknesses of the top 15 poker training sites, including CardRunners, DeucesCracked, PokerXFactor and Daniel Negreanu’s PokerVT.

Throughout life, there are unlimited opportunities to make extra money by veering into other aspects of our current skills and interests. For example, an accountant might earn a supplementary income each year by offering to help with his friends’ taxes. The same profiteering idea can be applied to a poker enthusiast. According to , there are many other ways to make money from the poker industry without actually playing the game. The site offers a range of opportunistic concepts that allow poker devotes to enjoy the game and still make a profit, while decreasing or altogether eliminating the risk of actually playing.

The team behind has expressed a justifiable pride in the creation and ceaseless structuring of an innovative web site for serious poker players worldwide. As the populace of readers gathering to share in the free guide’s premium content continues its rapid growth, the online poker guide’s developers have promised to maintain their current rate of material progression.