Real Time Gaming Blackjack

It seems that a large portion of gamblers on the internet comes from various tech backgrounds like computer programmers, system administrators, software developers, and hundreds of other related fields. These types of people know that gambling at legitimate online websites grants better odds than anything you can find in the real world, plus the action moves a lot quicker in most cases. This allows them to maximize their winning potential over a very short period of time without dealing with angry pit bosses, hundreds of security cameras, or dumb players, and this trend is slowly spreading into the mainstream culture as the smartest way to gamble.

Recommended Online Casinos 2012

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Since we’re talking about the tech-savvy and smart gamblers, however, now is probably a good time to point out their favorite software brand- Real Time Gaming (RTG). They provide the software solutions for dozens of casinos across cyberspace and they’ve built a reputation for having the most secure online systems. That means that from the moment you create an account on one of their servers until the time you make a withdrawal request, your privacy is protected from the unsavory characters wandering around the internet. RTG is also the global leader in software innovations with the lowest house edge of any online casino and some of the best graphics you’ve ever seen.

You’re probably wondering why you’ve never heard the name Real Time Gaming blackjack before if they’re truly the best around, and the answer to that comes from their branding. Even though everyone in the casino industry knows exactly who they are and why their software is so great, the rest of the world never actually sees them since they stay behind the scenes. Think of it like when you go to a popular department store to purchase a computer or a laptop; the person selling you the machine has probably never even seen the inside of a computer. Someone else built the PC, installed all of the software, and fine tuned each component so that it runs perfectly.

Once RTG sells a full casino package to a website owner, they basically install their software and design the site under that casino’s chosen name. Even though everything inside the casino is handled automatically by RTG, the website owner still have a large amount of say in things like payout amounts, which games are offered, and how customers are actually treated. The website owner would also be responsible for customer service and dealing with any problems that visitors experienced while visiting the site…which is why some RTG blackjack casinos are much better than others.

With that said, here are our top three Real Time Gaming Blackjack casinos on the net. Each of them excel in things like customer service, loyalty rewards, deposit bonuses, and the overall feel while visiting with them. The blackjack at each website is identical, of course, since it is all run by the same software.

WinPalace Blackjack Casino

WinPalace makes the top of our list of RTG blackjack casinos simply because of the way that they treat customers during their entire gaming experience. The website itself runs very fast with very easy-to-use dropdown menus and they also have excellent deposit approval rates when compared to the global average. WinPalace is also staffed 24/7 to ensure that players always have access to a deposit or withdrawal professional that is well versed in international laws and banking regulations.

WinPalace also goes out of their way to provide players with very generous deposit bonuses that are easy to clear, very good loyalty promotions, and several blackjack tournaments for their ranked players. In fact, the best of the best get offers all of the time to play in real-world blackjack tourneys that have hundreds of thousands of dollars in prizes…which is definitely not an RTG promotion.

Casino Titan Blackjack

Casino Titan is one of the newer franchises to take on the RTG casino package and it is an excellent place for newer players to gamble. You’ll start off with a ridiculous 400% instant deposit bonus that gives you plenty of capital for those splits and double downs, plus their VIP program is considered by many to be among the best in the business. With this much free money flying around it’s not very hard to see why they’re expanding so quickly.

The various bonuses at Casino Titan are only a few of the reasons that you should give them a try and many would argue that they aren’t even the most important ones. The graphics and layout of this website give it a polished feel that almost makes you forget that you’re inside an online casino. They have truly taken the best that RTG has to offer and created one of the best gaming experiences anywhere on the net.

Rushmore Online Blackjack

Rushmore Online is one of the most exciting RTG casinos in cyberspace due to their excellent customer service and dedication to each individual player. While other gaming websites think of you as just a number or statistic, Rushmore is constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to make your favorite casino games appear like a brand new experience. They are also one of the only online casinos around that actually listen to player feedback in order to improve any aspect of their website that could be even better; which is truly a rare occurrence.

In terms of site navigation, Rushmore is very easy to use as well. Players are free to use either the insta-play option for most of the available games or they can download the full client; both have almost identical graphics and excellent payouts. Since their online servers are one of the fastest in the world when compared to the rest of the virtual casinos, this site is perfect for those who play casino games from their handheld devices as well.