Single Deck Blackjack Strategy Chart

The Basic Strategy Chart for Single Deck Blackjack shows the correct action, based upon mathematical probability, for all situations when involved in the standard game with just one 52-card deck in play. It assumes that the dealer stands on soft 17 and that the player may not double down after splitting a pair.

Note that when the House Rules allow doubling down after a split, the chart should be modified to allow for slightly more aggressive action, splitting pairs of 2s or 3s against he dealer’s 2~7 inclusive, splitting 6s facing a 7, splitting 7s against an 8, and 4s against a 4~6 instead of hitting or doubling. Also, in games where the dealer hits soft 17, the player should hit when holding Ace-7 facing the dealer’s Ace as well as against the 9 or a card valued at 10.