Good Runs at the Blackjack Table

People often get a warped impression of online gambling; they think that players spend hours and hours grinding at a table without ever coming up for air. Little do they know that every serious player always tries to avoid the long haul of heavy bets or back and forth action; they simply play for a good streak of 7-10 hands. Even though the odds always favor the house in every casino game, even a small winning streak like this can make players a small fortune.

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One thing that every gambler has is a whole lot of stories to tell, so we asked around the office for everyone’s greatest online blackjack streaks. Here are the top three blackjack stories we received back-

Brad- $11,650 in Five Blackjack Hands at Rushmore Online

Brad was playing blackjack at Rushmore Online one day and it seemed like he couldn’t catch a break to save his life. He’d be up $100, down $300, and then barely break even when the dealer would go on a ridiculous run of good luck. This went back and forth for hours until he finally quit at -$400.

About an hour later, Brad called Rushmore Online and asked to receive his monthly comp money so he could play a little bit more. He had only earned about $180 so far, and out of frustration he decided to “let it ride” since he was probably going to give up on online gambling for the next few weeks. Here’s what happened at the $1,000 max tables-

1st hand ($180 bet)- A/K blackjack (paid $450 total)
2nd hand ($450 bet)- 7/6, dealer showing a 9. Brad hits, gets a 7, wins with 20 vs. dealer 18 (paid $900 total)
3rd hand ($900 bet)- 8/9, dealer showing a 6. Brad stands, dealer busts. (paid $1800 total)
4th hand ($1000 bet)- A/J blackjack (paid $2500 total)
5th hand ($1000 bet)- Q/Q, dealer showing a 8. Brad breaks strategy and splits, receives Q/Q and Q/10. Brad splits again, has Q/10, Q/2, Q/A. Takes the hit, ends up with 19 on weakest hand. The dealer reveals 8/6, takes the hit and busts (paid $6000 total).

Tina- $5,000 in One Hand at Rushmore Online

Tina is one of our office’s top pros when it comes to blackjack and she’s played all over the world. On this particular day, she was up almost $2,300 at Rushmore Online and playing the VIP table max of $1,000 per hand. The dealer gave her 9/9 while showing a 6…here’s what happened-

– Tina split the 9’s and ended up with 9/9 and 9/2.
– She split the 9’s again and doubled the 9/2, ended up with 9/A, 9/10, 9/2/10
– Tina doubled the 9/A and caught a 3, stood with 19, 21, and 13
– Dealer revealed 16, and then busted with a six

Larry- -$300 after Up $14,700 at Rushmore Online

This last story wasn’t submitted, per se, by Larry to appear in print but it is probably one of our favorite blackjack tales ever. Larry was dominating the scene at Rushmore Online; it seemed like for an hour straight the dealer had a 3-7 showing every single time. Larry was playing $100-$300 hands and making a small killing, when all of a sudden our power went out inside the office and he was disconnected.

Well, you think that Larry would be happy…we’d been telling him to quit for about twenty-five minutes already but he kept saying that it was his lucky day. Somehow he convinced himself that no matter what happened, he was going to win every hand and turn his $14,700 profit into millions. Anyway, thirty minutes later the power comes back on and Larry went right back at it.

At $1,000 on his very first hand, we begged Larry not to split 7’s when the dealer showed a 9. He did anyway, and when both hands lost to the dealer’s 20 we insisted that it was a sign to quit. Larry wouldn’t hear of it though, and in six minutes (ten hands) he lost a total of $15,000…putting him at negative $300 for the entire day.

We only told this story to make a point- don’t be a Larry! Blackjack streaks are rare and it’s even rarer to see them coming in advance. If you are lucky enough to make a killing in a few great hands, walk away and be thankful.