Super 21 Explained

Super 21 blackjack (also known as Super Fun 21) is an excellent overall game for gamblers and it has house odds that are closely comparable to standard blackjack. It also has includes several player features that makes this variety a fan favorite, including the ability to double down on any hand or to split pairs up to four times. Below you will find the other specifics about Super Blackjack and how to play the game so that you receive the best possible advantage against the dealer.

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Before we get to that, however, it is probably a good idea for us to point out that there is also a blackjack version of Super 21 that plays more like video poker. Not only has our staff never played this version for real money, but we would also hope that you would not either. Any blackjack-based game that gives payouts on poker hands is just a bad idea; it has a huge house edge and almost forces you into dumb betting situations on practically every hand.

Super 21 Rules

Here’s the lowdown on the Super 21 rule variances-

  • Super 21 is played with one, two, or six decks
  • Player can double after splitting pairs.
  • Player can re-split to up to four times in a row (including aces).
  • Player can double down or take a hit after splitting aces.
  • Player can double on any card total or any amount of cards (once per hand)
  • Player can surrender a hand at any time to receive back half their total wager.
  • Any player hand consisting of six cards automatically wins.
  • Any player hand consisting of five or more cards that totals 21 pays 2:1.
  • A player blackjack always wins at 1:1 odds, pays 2:1 odds in diamonds.
  • Some casinos offer a side bet that pays up to 300:1 for a diamond suited blackjack on the first deal after a shuffle.

It is also worth noting that inside some casinos the dealer will hit soft 17 while in others he will stand. Other than the rules listed above, the game play is identical to traditional blackjack.

Super Blackjack Strategy

An interesting factor of Super 21 is that players are allowed to double down at any time (unlike traditional blackjack) and they are also allowed to surrender that doubled bet if the card received is not favorable (unlike Spanish 21 and other variants). While this may not seem like an immediate advantage to players, it often works as a great save for novice players who try their luck and double down at opportune times.

For example, say that the dealer shows a seven and the player has a total of ten. Most players know that conventional rules say to double down on this hand, but when the dealer flips you a four then that fourteen does not appear very appealing against the dealer’s seven. By surrendering the hand, you receive back half of your total bet; which would essentially be the same as if you did not double down at all and lost the hand.

Now, that may not sound like a huge advantage at a glance, but you’re not thinking about the hands where your double down bet ends up being favorable and you do not have to surrender. This betting/rule combination really gives you 2:1 odds on any favorable starting hand if you were planning to take a hit anyway, which is why so many players prefer the Super 21 format of blackjack.