Top Notch Online Casino Support Teams

Post Summary: Being able to respond to players’ needs in a timely fashion via top support teams is what sets the best customer service online casinos apart from the rest.

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Of all the criteria used to identify the best online casinos, perhaps customer service is the more important than any other. Almost all gambling web sites offer convenient 24/7 access, software backed by major developers and a wide variety of deposit/withdrawal options. But it is how they respond when a player has questions or problems that sets the best apart from the rest.

One of the first places to look when assessing an online casino’s commitment to customer service is its Frequent Asked Questions section (FAQs). The most experienced operators know exactly what types of concerns players have and how to alleviate them without involving personnel.

The FAQs must be easy to find and access. The section should provide answers regarding every aspect of play. At a minimum that will include set up instructions, such as how to register for an account, computer software requirements and instructions for creating financial accounts. It should also anticipate questions that will arise after sign up, from the rules of promotions and the benefits of loyalty programs to how to get additional online casino support when required.

A good example of a gaming web site with extensive FAQs is 888 Casino. Clicking on “24/7 Support” from any page brings up a window with answers to nearly 400 commonly asked questions. They range from how to sign up, log in and make deposits to game rules, bonus policy, cashing out and technical issues.

The top-rated online casinos also employ a dedicated team of customer service representatives (CSRs). They may provide online casino support through a variety of channels, including snail mail, fax, email, telephone and instant messaging.

There should be a stated policy for responding to written communication. Most top-rated online casinos, including Littlewoods, make every attempt to respond to inquiries within 24 hours. Others, such as Virgin Casino, go far beyond average, stating “The members of the team respond to all emails individually, and they can usually do so within two hours.”

To facilitate communication by phone, there should be toll-free dialing options. This may necessitate multiple lines to provide access in various countries. Preferably, the lines will be staffed 24/7 by CSRs who are multilingual, too.

For the majority of web sites, this typically means outsourcing the response service to a third-party call center, rather than employing a dedicated team. It may also mean having support in certain languages available only at specified times during the day. English-speaking CSRs, however, should be on call round the clock and highly trained in interpersonal skills as well as the nuts and bolts of casino operations.

One of the most highly rated online casinos for customer service via phone is 32Red Casino. CSRs who have received the highest standard of training available in the industry are on standby 24 hours a day. Each and every one of them has adopted the company vision: “A Mission to Thrill.” Their objective is to constantly improve service. Toward this end, 32Red has gone beyond free-phone numbers to offer calling via Skype to their methods of contact (skype_32red).

Innovation such as this is what keeps the very best customer service online casinos on top. Today, most of them offer 24/7 support through on-screen chat windows. A single click on the “Live Chat” or “Instant Chat” button will pop open a window for messaging. Problems of a technical nature or regarding funds transfers can be handled in real time, securely and in privacy.

Among the many excellent casinos offering immediate on-screen response are VC Bet with its “Chat,” JackpotCity with “Live Help” and InterCasino with “Live Chat 24/7.” For U.S.-based players, Casino Titan offers a McAfee-Secure “24/7 Live Chat” service. Again, much like telephone service, outsourcing to a third-party response center is the main method of providing round-the-clock support.