How To Play Blackjack Switch

Blackjack Switch is an excellent variation of the standard game of 21 that gets tons of fan support inside traditional and online casinos all over the world. It plays very similar to regular blackjack with one glaring difference; you actually play two hands per round and you’re free to switch up the first four cards in any combination that makes you happy. Let’s take a closer look at blackjack switch and the rules that govern the game-

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Blackjack Switch Rules-

Here are the basics when it comes to Blackjack Switch. All hands are played exactly like traditional blackjack except for the changes below-

  • The round starts with the player wagering two equal-sized bets
  • Once both hands are dealt, the player can switch the second card in each hand
  • If the player switches to combine a 10/A combo, it counts as 21 (not blackjack)
  • Player may double after a switch
  • Player may double after a split
  • Player may split up to four times per round
  • Natural blackjack pays 1:1 (push if dealer also has blackjack)
  • A dealer total of 22 is a push against any hand (besides blackjack)
  • A tie with the dealer is also a push at any value
  • No insurance is offered on dealer blackjack (results in automatic loss for player)

Blackjack Switch Strategy

The ability for players to switch up hands is a tremendous advantage in most situations. The overall house odds in this game are under .5% if a perfect strategy is used, but most players (even advanced switch gamblers) simply will not be able to make the perfect choice on every hand.

For example, let’s say that you are dealt A/9 and 2/5 while the dealer’s up-card is a four. It may seem tempting to break up that A/9 since you’re facing a weak dealer card; a soft 14 in one hand and an 11 could easily end up being two winners even if the dealer does not bust. From a pure strategy perspective, however, you’re better off standing on the soft 20 and taking a hit on the hand with 7; never split a winner.

Likewise, let’s get a little bit more creative and say that your starting hands are A/A and K/K. Do you split the aces or switch them for the guaranteed dual 21’s? Does it even matter what the dealer’s up-card is in this situation? Well, many players would make the wrong choice by trying to turn two hands into three here; the smart move is to take your two 21’s and move on to the next round. It makes no difference if the dealer shows an ace, a three, or anything in-between; take the money and run.

Blackjack Switch Side Bets

Many Blackjack Switch tables also have a Super Match side bet option available. While we generally are against any kind of side-action wagers, this bet carries an overall house edge of around 2.5% and in this one instance we actually like it.

The Super Match is based on the first four cards that you are dealt and it adds in a little bit of a poker-like flair to the game. Here are the payouts-

-A Pair pays 1:1 -Three of a Kind pays 5:1
-2 Pairs pays 8:1 -Four of a Kind pays 40:1

The overall odds of receiving a pair out of the first four cards is around 35%, which in itself does not make the SuperMatch wager viable. With the extra free odds on trips, two pairs, and quads however, this wager can easily turn out to be a steady moneymaker over the course of the afternoon. If you do not like the bet then, by all means, do not play it, but we will not be upset with you if you bet it each round either.