Casino Deposits Via Phone Call Deposit Service

Post Summary: Players who are not entirely trustful of providing financial information electronically may wish to take advantage of online casinos that provide a phone call deposit service through live customer support representatives.

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Many people are distrustful of doing financial transactions over the Internet. They believe the credit card or banking information they enter in secure online forms is somehow more susceptible to fraudulent use.

In fact, credit/debit cards used at restaurants or retail outlets are much more likely to be copied. Likewise, paper checks reveal much more banking information than most folks would care to think about—from bank name, routing number and account number to personal details such as the account holder’s name, address and signature.

The bottom line is that financial transactions made with reputable casinos online are as safe as can be. The operators take great pains to encrypt data and use secure servers to protect their customers and all financial data.

Nevertheless, there will always be players who refuse to reveal sensitive information electronically; they simply prefer to speak to casino staff, in real time. There can also be other reasons to make deposits by phone, such as previously declined credit cards or legal concerns related to the U.S. government’s Unlawful Internet Gambling and Enforcement Act (UIGEA) of October 2006. In this regard, the majority of online casinos are quite willing to comply with customers’ desires for deposit by phone instead of going through an online server

The steps are exceedingly easy. It is almost always possible to call the casino’s customer service desk and arrange the deposit through a live representative. The rep should be able to answer questions before initiating the transaction, such as what the overall approval rate is for credit cards or other deposit methods as well as how long it usually takes for deposited funds to be available. The rep may also be aware of any special requirements needed for approval.

Among the many online casinos that openly invite customers to make their deposits by phone is Bodog. The U.S.-facing casino realizes that American players are especially wary of making deposits into accounts that could be subject to anti-gambling laws.

As a solution, they have created a special “Deposit Assistance Team” with a toll-free number. The Bodog web site’s Help pages specifically encourage contact by phone, stating, “If you would like help making a deposit or selecting a method, please call (the 866 number) to speak to our Deposit Assistance Team.”

Deposits made over the telephone are typically fast and simple. It is often easier to talk to a live representative than to figure out how to complete online forms that require banking information. Within a few minutes, authorization can be obtained and the deposited funds will be ready for play.

For a security point of view, deposits made by phone have a few built-in advantages. For one, telephone lines are less likely targets for crime than computerized data files. That’s because laws covering telephone crimes tend to be more well-established and very strict compared to those governing illegal activities online.

One relatively new and potentially risky method of making deposits by phone is the 900Pay option. It allows customers with access to toll-paid “900” dialing service to add funds to casino accounts by using their phone bills. The process is initiated by clicking on the 900Pay link in the cashier section of an affiliated online casino, where full instructions are provided. No registration is needed; the service is automated, anonymous and confidential, if not yet entirely proven trustworthy.

Once the “900” number has been dialed, the deposit amount can be entered through the telephone keypad. Pressing “6” will confirm the charges. Music plays while the transaction is being approved, and then a chime sounds to confirm the conclusion of the call. Back online, a receipt of deposit is sent out via email. The transaction later shows up on the customer’s phone bill under the name Navaho Networks, which also operates eWalletXpress.