Blackjack Tournaments Explained

Tournament blackjack is a new form of gambling that is showing up all over the world inside reputable casinos and online betting destinations. Although the rules are very similar to playing blackjack at a regular table, it seems like our readers have sent us a number of questions about the particulars of tournament blackjack. Here’s everything you need to know-

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Entering a Blackjack Tournament

A large number of casinos now offer blackjack tournaments for their players on a daily basis, sometimes starting as frequently as every hour. If you’re not sure if your local casino offers blackjack tournaments, just give them a call and ask. Online tournaments also start at reputable online casinos like Casino Titan and WinPalace as soon as the lobby fills up with enough entrants; you can usually get in a tournament within 5-10 minutes of logging in.

The registration for these tournaments is simple; at traditional casinos you will simply give them your name and the entry fee. Online blackjack tournaments make it even easier; just click the “register” button and you’ll be informed when the action begins. The actual registration fee varies between $1 and $10,000…it just depends on how lucky you’re feeling and how much cash you want to put on the line.

Single Table Rules

Blackjack tournaments use the exact same rules as regular blackjack; nothing changes and you’re free to use any betting strategy that works for you. Once the action begins, each player starts with a set chip amount (usually 5,000) and you’re free to bet any amount within the table limits (which usually goes up to half the starting chip count). A certain number of hands are then played (anywhere from 20 to 42) and whoever has the most chips at the end is declared the winner.

Multi Table Rules

Multi table blackjack works the exact same way except that it is spaced out over several different rounds (usually 8-12). You’ll start each round with the set buy-in amount (regardless of how much you’ve already won) and whoever has the highest total at the table when the round ends gets to advance. The tournament keeps going until they get down to a final table and the winner of that round takes how first place. In some blackjack tournaments the min/max bets increase every round, in others they remain the same.

Blackjack Tournament Variations

Be sure to keep a close eye on the actual tournament rules because they can vary drastically between competitions. Some casinos, for example, offer a single buy-in if you lose a round while others will allow the top two players at each table to advance. Others make the final bet every round a blind wager, meaning that the other players have no idea how much you’ve put on the line. There’s nothing worse than entering a blackjack tournament only to discover that there are multiple buy-ins or other strategy-changing elements that you didn’t anticipate.

Blackjack Tournament Strategy

Always remember than in blackjack tournaments you’re ultimate opponent is the players sitting around you…even though you’re wagering against the dealer. We’ve seen some opponents will play conservatively and win almost every hand, yet they end up being eliminated because another person bet huge on the last three hands. Your wagers should not only depend on the card count and your standard betting strategy, but it also has to take into consideration what the gamblers around you are doing as well.