Ubuntu Online Casinos

Post Summary: Users of Linux machines need no longer feel left out of the action at online casinos, thanks to three channels of access now available for playing slots and table games on the Internet via the Ubuntu operating system.

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Anyone who runs a Linux machine will probably be familiar with the Ubuntu operating system that was released in 2004. Now reaching more than 12 million users, it has become the most widespread Linux OS for desktop computing, representing roughly half of the entire Linux market.

Ubuntu has grown in part because it is free. It is also easy to use, designed not for programmers but for typical computer users. Unfortunately, it has been ignored until recently by developers of online casinos, none of which have been specifically designed for Ubuntu. This has led to concerns about compatibility among Linux fans, especially regarding casino software downloads.

Fortunately, there are now three ways for Ubuntu users to start playing at online casinos without abandoning their favorite operating system. Best of all, each of these solutions works with any Linux distribution.

Instant Play Casinos

Most online casinos nowadays offer the option to play without a download. Browser-based versions of casino software are available at the click of a button, providing the perfect solution for non-Windows users. The games will run directly in the Ubuntu browser, as long as it supports flash animation and graphics.

That means the only installation that may be required is a download of Adobe Flash Player, which is freeware readily available directly from the Adobe site. Although some users have reported problems with installation for 64-bit Ubuntu, there are tutorials online through Ubuntu user groups that explain the process step by step. Currently, the most recent Adobe Flash 10.2 is compatible with Ubuntu 11.04.

Once the flash application has been installed, access to all instant play casinos should be possible. The games should run flawlessly, and with few exceptions all of the most popular slot and table games offered in downloaded casinos should be contained within the instant-play menu.

Live Dealer Casinos

Another recent innovation among online casinos is the introduction of “live dealers” for table games such as Roulette, Baccarat and Blackjack. These are actual employees based at a remote location who are on camera and visible online via live streaming video feeds. The dealers work in shifts so that action is available 24/7.

To access these real-time games from a Linux machine is as easy as navigating to the live casino page of the gaming web site. The dealer and table images are fed directly to the Ubuntu browser so that no additional software is required. The only downside is that the variety of games tends to be a bit limited. Slots, for example, are not part of the live casino format.

Download Casinos

For those who want the full online casino experience as it is delivered to Windows-based players via download, there is also a solution. It requires two steps. The first is to identify and download a Windows emulator, such as Wine, which is one of a number of the emulator programs developed for Ubuntu that work quite well, without many issues. They allow any Windows software to be run on the Ubuntu OS.

Once the emulator is installed, the second step is to download and run the casino software in the emulator. This should work no matter what version of Ubuntu is used. Occasionally, technical problems or connection issues may be experienced using this method. It may be necessary to adjust options and settings to get the casino programs to work correctly and obtain full functionality. However, it does provide a viable alternative for those who insist on being able to download the casino’s software to their computers in its entirety.

So the bottom line is that “Ubuntu casinos” are now a reality. Linux users should no longer be concerned about online casino compatibility for their preferred OS.